Friday, May 28, 2004

Just one of those days...

Thursday, May 27, 2004

At looooong last !!!!

Finally, a space i can rant endlessly, ahhh, misery thou surely art my best friend ! I finally got round to creating my blog..haven't told a soul, feels oddly liberating, don't have to bottle up any more. Was ignored today (but nothing new in that really !) being a foreigner and all that...come to think of it, that happened in dear ole' motherland too ! Anyways...just one more pin prick in the cushion..gotta get over it. Thought for the umpteenth time, but am determined , this time my dignity comes first. In fact with this new liberation, as of today, dignity is going to be my best ally, WILL NOT loose that for anybody, not friends (so called), not colleagues , I am the Queen of Sheba ! Ahhhhh....that felt gooooood. Got to repeat it over and over and over i come The Queen of Sheba !! - Free Shoutbox! Who Links Here
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