Friday, June 16, 2006


I am searching for words..they seem to have deserted me for now..but I'll try and capture some scattered ones that come almost abstractedly, to my mind...

I view life almost through an inverted telescope, distant and separate, as I watch myself trundling along the roads, in a rickety bus thats life. Its not too bad really, it could be worse, but sometimes,
I view life through an inverted telescope...

My little wagon-cart mind holds moments that hurtle through time, bursting aflame sometimes in pain, sometimes full of little-big joys. When I see loved faces shiny with joy, I feel, perhaps my birth in some little way was justified, but the 'buts' always remain and sometimes,
I view life through an inverted telescope....

I look around and the landscape seems barren but then cactii bloom in parched-deserts with tenacity and perhaps theres a lesson to be learnt, in there somewhere, for me;
I look around again and again and the ever-changing landscape seems chaotic, as people kill each other and blood blooms in gory glory and I
look up at the unified sky and wonder why on earth was the earth so divided!

Life seems to be an equation of paradoxes, the mating of opposites giving rise to a unified whole. I could go on and on for I am just searching for my soul...

But for now I am just trying to make sense of it all, searching for elusive, uncluttered simplicity; distantly looking at life,
through an inverted telescope...

thats how it is meant to be and
someday my soul will come back to me...

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Core.

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