Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The surge spreads within this body
and 'I' am not my body at all
I float somewhere deep within
separated from all that sinew and bone
A pleasure so intensely brewed
that mere muscle and nerve can never mimic
Is that what you are...My God...My Love
Is that really you?

There is only the electric blue that I float in
and then sometimes the soft lavender fog engulfing
The Heart a hugeness of happiness
that 'I' cannot bear
no boundaries
only you
Is that what you are...My god...My Love
Is that really you?

Limbs lift in sinuous movement
in a dance danced through all eternity
and the song bursts unknowingly
in a voice that is not really mine (is it?)
I quake and quiver with rapture
as it snakes through in fine rushes
fluidly flowing until I can take no more
No more....

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