Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Thank you .

Thank you to all my blogger friends especially Rachel Ann of Willow Tree, who were so concerned about the well being of me and my family in the aftermath of the Tsunamis hitting India. We are all well and not affected by them, but there are so many thousands whos lives have been destroyed and whose futures are now in question...lets all not only pray for them but also concretely pass on help in whatever little way by donating to the many organisations that have been set up for the disaster-affected. I hope many of you will respond to my humble request and extend your help.

Thank you.


The Tsunamis hit on Sunday; the loss on life more than 7000 people dead and thats just the official figure. I am writing from Mumbai (on a holiday here visiting my family). The images of devastation on the Telly have been numbing. So many lives destroyed in the blink of an eye, words can't begin to convey the immense loss. A sprawling metropolis brought to its knees just on the eve of the new year.... (click on title link for article)

My prayers for all those who are suffering..may God give you the strength to rebuild your lives....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Time for a holiday !!

Hello everybody !! I'm off on a holiday to India for 15 days...so no more posts though I might just try and sneak in a few..[am I an addict or what..lol]..

Heres wishing you all Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year !!


Monday, December 13, 2004

The Park.

The cold and frosty morning with little icy diamonds clinging to grass blades and window panes envelopes me. As I walk across the park, a carpet of golden autumnal leaves now a muddy brown and crisp with the cold scrunch under my feet. The mist slowly settles around me like a sheathe of soft silk, with a gently sighing swish. The once pregnantly lush trees are now bereft and solemn and quiet like nuns at prayer, contemplating this mystery that is life. The same park, the same trees, a different season.
I notice a lone figure at the far end and for some unknown reason walk towards him and then stop, unwilling to ruffle the stillness surrounding him. Eyes closed, a million rifts and ridges crisscrossing the terrain, worn with care. Each rift would have a story to tell but mostly it was quelled and instantly subjugated and I continued, silent in the silence. Suddenly out of nowhere burst out a little boy kicking a football and ran towards the man on the bench. A shout of joy and the eyes snapped open, and the ridge-riven face creased into a smile, the careworn lines now fanning out, a joyous weave all across the riven terrain, the face. Same face, different season.

Life has its seasons and life has its reasons....

Thursday, December 09, 2004

The unveiling....

A. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004


I accept
the love you do not feel
the pain you do not give
the torment you do not inflict.

I accept
love negated
cease to fight
that which is lost to sight.

I accept
being passion's bride
at sorrow's bedside
watching your life
never being mine.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Of thirty somethings and gravity !!

A friend {{incidently a male}}very very kindly posted me quite a few exclamation marks and hence, my dear friends my problem has been, for the moment, sorted !! Though I must add, that in his enthusiasm to do so, he sent me a whole lot, which after copying and pasting , I have also to delete..lol, but hey..something is always better than nothing, eh ??!!..and I am infinitely grateful for the favour, as I can now, get back to being who I was , nomore substituting me or my life or exclamation marks of course, yippeee !!

But, I was digressing from the main issue of this post, which I shall now address. The issue, dear friends, especially my women friends, is about us blessed lot who are thirty something and dealing with great gravity, the issue of 'gravity'. Let me explain, I recently saw the movie ''The Incredibles'' and there was Mrs. Incredible, who {{despite being incredible}} in the thick of action, paused right in the middle of it, in front of a mirror, to turn around and have a good look at her ass, {{ooops I meant bottom, we are all decent folks here, ahem}}, and find out what effect gravity had, had on it !! I mean why is it , that ALL the fiddly bits and bobs on our physical domain are designed in such a way, so as to be affected by this deadly affliction, namely, the gravity, and become all dangerously droopy and dangly ??? This is grossly unfair, I have a good mind to send a petition to THE ONE upstairs, that the next time he thinks about designing the human species, especially the female one {{oh, the other half needs redesigning as well,but on the mental domain, but more about that in another post}}, he better get a really good designer, preferably ME. So thirty something being as amazing as it is, we certainly don't need more problems, such as gravity. We have a plateful already. Thank you very much. Now, I am off, getting that petition ready to send to THE ONE upstairs, and I DO have issues with HIM, what do you expect..he's A MAN..afterall {{no offence my dear man-friends, just a statement of simple fact}} !! Heheheh.....

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