Friday, August 26, 2005

Thank you!

I am flying back to Mumbai today to be with my family. My dad's condition is slowly stabilising but he is still in the ICU and all the major procedures have yet to be carried out...

I am so touched and overwhelmed by the love and caring that you have all poured out. Your prayers have made a difference..I just know it! If I don't feel alone..its because of you, my dears...

Thank you for reaching out to me with emails and messages and the concern and caring. That has been the most wonderful gift that blogging has given me; wonderful new friends. Writing has become peripheral now..friends the new focus :)

I am leaving with all your prayers to give me strength...


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A slice of life.

A month-A lifetime....

They say if you love something you must set it free. I did.
They say if it comes back to you it was yours, if it doesn't it never was.
Mine never was.

First- Caught in the bomb blasts in London.
Next- Caught in the Bombay deluge.
Then- Lost a cherished friend. For I wasn't cherished anyways. Shrug.
Then- A lovely wedding. My brothers. Such a beautiful bride!
Next- Deepened bondings.
Then- Flight home.
Finally- Reach home. News of Dad's heartattack. In ICU. Every second ticking in silence.

A slice of my life in the passing....

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Welcome home!

5.00 pm - Mumbai

I stared out with unseeing eyes, lost in an unseen but real enough world. Bits and fragments of memories swollen with longing burst low in a shower, drenching the snarled traffic below in silent reproach.
The skies had stilled-for now-and eyes glittered with stilled fears. A deep breath! Eyes squeezed shut! Arms wrapped around myself.
A jumbled collage of a locked home; a scattered tear; a broken kiss; a lonesome airport; a goodbye that happened even before the meeting could, formed amorphously. I miss you.

But. Then.

I smile at the richness of it all, a textured lustrous pain draping life as it lives on, within the ever expanding horizons of hope and possibilities amongst and amidst chaos and loss.
A cool breeze floated past, saline cheeks bathing in the cloud burst as I let every pore drink in, quenching my thirst and...

I opened my arms wide to life....

Welcome home! I need you.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Manic Monsoon!

A. Posted by Picasa

A filtered haze of
grey and blue
As I drenched
in you.....

The cravings
Flooded with pools
of you....

Awashed bodies
and garbage
bodies are garbage

A remembered
flurry of
You and I
washed away

But why then
does my skin
still ooze....

With the thought
of a monsoon
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